Theatre Enrichment has been a part of my daughter's life from Kindergarten through 6th grade. She took it every year she was eligible. Madlyn, Kim and her team truly helped bring my daughter out of her shell. The creative play themes, involved prop styling and patient teaching truly set my daughter up for public speaking and subsequent theatre she did after 6th grade.  In a nut shell, her confidence soared across the board. And now she is back at TE helping out the kids. Theatre Enrichment has been a well-balanced, rewarding experience for our daughter. Thank you!

 --- Lisa Rangel, March 6, 2017 

My daughter, Ellie, has been involved with Theatre Enrichment for Children since kindergarten. My daughter's love for performing was nurtured by your program. It has enhanced her self esteem and her ability to work with others. Thank you for letting her experience the magic of theatre!

--- Cecily Tralongo, May 17, 2017


My daughter, now in second grade, has been in the Theatre Enrichment program for 3 years now. She loves it!!


The program gives each child an opportunity to shine. Teaching them a variety of theater skills and fostering creativity with self confidence are just some of the ways a child can benefit from the experience. I love that they get to work in so many aspects of the show, from picking parts to making their own costumes and playbills. Madlyn and her team do a wonderful job!! 

 --- Beth Rolon, Apr 3, 2017 


Both of my girls have gone thru this program in the schools since kindergarten. My 9 year old, who is naturally outgoing and loves all of the arts was able to gain experience getting on stage, speaking in front of crowds, and overall it has perpetuated her further into her love of this craft.


My 7 year old on the other hand, is painfully shy, so much so that it can stop her from trying something new or even entering a room of unfamiliar faces. This program has helped tremendously in moving her out of her comfort zone, putting her on stage in front of a room of strangers while being able to speak her lines with ease and smile on her face. This experience has certainly played a part her ability to move away from her fears and has allowed her to explore new things without being so worried.

I thank Ms. Madlyn and the wonderful team of this program for making it all happen. They have made my kids so excited to go to the program each season and have given them tools of confidence that will stay with them for a lifetime. Thank you!!

--- Shaye Lastra, Mar 31, 2017

My daughter just started reading this year. I was blown away when I first heard her read aloud as the expression she read with was UNBELIEVABLE!  She knew that bold meant to speak louder, exclamation points meant more expression, and on and on!  Then, it occurred to me, that this is what Theatre Enrichment taught her in preparation for her performances!!!  I even asked my daughter, Liv how she knew how to read like that, and she said, "My theater teacher taught me when to speak loud and soft...etc!"

It is so cool to see her integrate these skills into her academics and we cant thank you enough.  It is not often you see a beginner reader read like that!!!  So thanks so much!

                                                                                                                              ---Tarrantino-McCarthy Family, March, 2017

The Theatre Enrichment program has been an extraordinary influence on my daughter. Ella has been participating in these creative and stimulating shows for the last six years. She was never shy, but the program has unquestionably enhanced her buoyant outlook. This program really lets the children shine - providing exposure to great music, inventive sets, and delightful costumes. It teaches them to work as a team and it is supervised by professionals who happily introduce the children to working actors and provide lots of useful information to children who would like to go further in their amateur (or professional) participation in performance art.

                                                                                                                                              --- Lorraine Weiss Gill, October, 2017


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