About Us

Established in the fall of 2007, TEFC’s program was designed to expose young children to a theatre arts education that was found limited or lacking in an already jam-packed school curriculum.  Aside from being an exciting and fun outlet for cultivating creativity, exposure to a performing arts education, like that of our program, has been consistently linked to improved child development and increased student achievement by researchers.


A report from the Arts Education Partnership featured in the USA Today article, “Study: Arts Education has Academic Effect” stated, “Schoolchildren exposed to drama, music and dance may do a better job at mastering reading, writing and math than those who focus solely on academics.”  Aside from promoting higher academic achievement, an education with exposure to the performing arts has also been shown to foster confidence and public speaking skills, provide a means for self expression, develop problem solving skills, encourage empathy and compassion, and foster perseverance.  


Our passion to aid children in developing these vital life skills through the medium of theatre inspired us to develop and start our program over 10 years ago and it remains an inspiration to us as we continue to offer it proudly today.  We are proud that so many families have found value in our program and are pleased that its success has enabled us to expand to currently work with three school districts and counting.  With the successful participation of well over 1,500 children, the launch and development of Theatre Enrichment for Children has been a wonderful accomplishment for its students and founders alike!